Coffee Catering

Please Note:

We are booked on our available weekends up through the fall season (approx. September 2019). We hope to grow in capacity in the future, but right now are (quite literally) a mom and pop operation. We’re very sorry if we can’t make your event but are thrilled to join those we can. Thank you for considering us!

Woodsong Coffee offers a craft coffee and espresso bar on our mobile coffee cart, as well as a self-serve coffee station available for your small to medium size events. Treat your guests to delicious and beautiful beverages that will keep the energy high at your party, wedding, or meeting with craft espresso and coffee using Woodsong small batch roasted beans. For espresso bar catering, we'll bring our La Marzocco GS3 gourmet espresso machine on our beautiful reclaimed wood coffee cart (made by local craftsman Todd Henry) to your event and serve a curated drink menu. Our self-serve coffee station provides Woodsong coffee on a beautiful cloth-covered table, styled and arranged with everything your guests need for a special coffee experience.

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Outdoor event at Lyon's Farmette

The Details

The Coffee: We use Woodsong Coffee beans, fresh-roasted no more than a week before your event. All of our beans are single-origin and from fair-trade (often farmer-owned) cooperatives.

The Drinks: Drinks for our espresso catering cart can be found on our core menu (listed in pricing). Additional drinks can be added (iced coffees, hot chocolate, etc.) for an additional fee. Our self-serve coffee bar serves Woodsong Coffee, with additional drinks (hot chocolate, tea, etc.) for an additional fee.

Custom drinks are available to make your event extra special. Tell us your preferred flavors, and we’ll help create a drink with your name of choice (Example: “Something Blue” – a blueberry-chocolate mocha). Pricing options below.

The Process: We recommend booking an event at least two weeks in advance. Request a quote based on our catering options and we'll walk you through the rest of the booking process, from the invoice, to payment, to an event confirmation two days in advance. 

The Set Up: Our mobile espresso cart requires a standard 110 electrical outlet on a dedicated circuit with 17 amps and enough space for the espresso cart and barista. If your desired placement of our cart is not next to an outlet, please provide extension cords of an appropriate length. Our cart is about 6ft by 5ft, including room for the barista. If you have questions about our electrical needs, please reach out. The easier explanation is that we need an outlet with nothing else plugged in to it.

Payment Timeline: We require payment in full in advance – you can either pay in full on booking, or pay a 50% retainer fee on booking and the second 50% by the day before the event.

When Booking: Time frames and dates are required to book your event. To unload our cart, set-up, and let our espresso machine warm up (30 minutes), we require one to one and a half hours before the event. (Example: Service time: 7 PM – 9 PM. Delivery and barista show up at 5:30 PM. On-site contact there to meet us an hour in advance of the service start time is required so we know where to go for set-up and plugging in).

Access: We require access to an elevator or a ramp where long flights of stairs are necessary. The cart is very heavy we are unable to carry it up flights of stairs (a few are OK). 

Availability: For now, Woodsong catering is only available on weekends within a 50 mile radius of our home base in Commerce City. If your event is on a weekday or farther away than our radius but would not be complete without Woodsong Coffee, please contact us with the details of your event to discuss options and a custom quote.




Enjoy personalized espresso beverages at your event. Our espresso bar uses our own craft roasted beans and provides enough beverages for your number of guests in 12oz cups, hosted-bar style, with pricing based on guest count, menu variety, and time frame of the event. Additional services can be selected and added to the base prices listed.

Core Drink Menu Standard with All Events:
•    Coffee (your choice of all regular or regular and decaf served by a barista from a carafe) with cream and sugar available.
•    Lattes: plain, honey, two additional syrup flavors (your choice).
•    Cappuccino.
•    Americano.

•    Macchiato.

•    Espresso shots.

Up to 100 guests: $400
Two hours of espresso and coffee catering with drinks from our core menu to serve up to 100 guests. Additional hour of service available at $100.

Up to 200 guests: $700
Two hours of espresso and coffee catering with drinks from our core menu to serve up to 200 guests. Additional hour of service available at $150.



Custom Drink: Price dependent on number and type of ingredients. We can formulate an estimate based on your preferences and guest list size.

Cold Brew Coffee: $125 for up to 100 guests; add $25 per additional 50 guests.
Looking for a caffeinated way to cool down? Consider adding cold brew to your espresso service. Our cold brew process brews Woodsong Coffee beans for 12+ hours in cold water – this creates a very low acidic, smooth iced coffee drink, an excellent option for coffee aficionados or for new coffee drinkers. Cold brew coffee can be served with cream and/or syrup.

Hot Chocolate: $125 for up to 100 guests, add $25 per additional 50 guests.
Provide non-coffee drinkers with a hot beverage option. Hot chocolate is made from scratch with coco and sugar and served in 12 oz cups.

Tea: $75 for up to 100 guests, add $25 per additional 50 guests.
We will provide a selection of caffeinated and herbal teas to guests in 12 oz cups.


We have one 6ft folding table and table cloth we can provide to set up a self-serve station. Please let us know in advance whether or not your venue provides a table.

Up to 50 guests: $125
Up to three hours with a self-serve coffee station and one insulated beverage server (filled with Woodsong Coffee) alongside a selection of cream and sugar. We will set up and style the station and clean up after your event.

Up to 100 guests: $200
Up to three hours with a self-serve coffee station and two insulated beverage servers alongside a selection of cream and sugar (your choice of both regular Woodsong Coffee or one regular and one decaffeinated or one regular and one hot chocolate for an additional $50). We will set up and style the station and clean up after your event.