Espresso Catering at The Lyon's Farmette

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Last June we got to setup our mobile coffee cart for a lovely evening at the Lyon's Farmette. We love the Farmette so much we'd originally planned on getting married there on October 4, 2013. If you're familiar with Colorado and the past five years, you might be saying "Oh no," right now. The 500 year flooding event of 2013 occurred two weeks before our wedding date, devastating Lyons and parts of Longmont. We had to move our wedding, which was a minor effort compared to the monumental recovery that has taken place in the impacted areas since the flooding. 

A bright spot, though, was that the Farmette is situated on the upside of a slope, and came out of the other side of the flooding alright. It continues to be one of the most beautiful wedding and event venues in Colorado. We were thrilled for a reason to go back and enjoy the Farmette's lush greenery, flowers, stream, meet some of the staff who have joined the Farmette since our wedding planning days, and of course, the Farmette chickens, goats, and llamas.

All of this to say that our espresso catering is an equally beautiful addition to any already beautiful setting, whether that's an outdoor farm or an indoor ballroom. Good coffee fits in anywhere (and can keep your guests talking and dancing all night long). 

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The Farmette's momma llama had just given birth to this sweet baby. Some human babies tried to sneak a taste of espresso, but we think hot chocolate is more their speed. Our espresso catering menu is customizable for your event. We'll work with you to create a menu of hot and cold drinks your guests will love.

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Pricing for espresso catering depends on the size of your event and the size of your preferred drink menu. We can use your favorite syrup flavors or make homemade infused syrups for lattes and cappuccinos.

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We would love to part of your special memories! Contact us to start the conversation, and please share a as much about your event as you can at this point in your planning process (number of guests, location, venue, the date). We'll email back or give you a call (let us know if you have a preference) with price estimates based on different sized drink menu options (for example, Option A might be just coffee and espresso drinks with two flavor options, or Option B might include hot and iced beverages and an array of flavors). Whatever your special day is - congratulations! And thank you for considering making Woodsong Coffee part of it.

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