About Us


Woodsong Coffee's mission is to create expertly crafted roasts from ethically sourced beans that translate into a delicious cup of coffee.


Woodsong Coffee is a family-owned micro-roastery, founded by coffee nerds who believe coffee functions as breakfast, afternoon snack, and dessert. Brandon is a D.C. native, and Amanda is an Arkansas native. After meeting in Austin, Texas, they moved to Colorado in 2012 for work. They fell in love with the mountains, the front range, and the people, and decided to stay. What started as an adventure in home coffee roasting quickly outgrew their kitchen, and is now a full-fledged micro-roastery.

It's our goal to shorten the distance between farmer and drinker through transparency and knowledge, and to shorten the distance between roaster and cup through small batch roasts and quick distribution.  

Woodsong Coffee beans are roasted on a 2kg Mill City roaster (dubbed "the Elvis" for it's white and gold coloring). Follow our blog for news, flavor profiles, bean origin stories, and store updates. Please contact us if you're interested in wholesale opportunities.

Do you have a Cafe?

We don't have a physical shop, yet, and at present are happy to supply other amazing coffee shops with quality beans to brew for their patrons. A Woodsong Coffee Shop in the future is certainly a goal of ours, though. Your support here helps take us closer toward that goal - thank you! 

Why the name "Woodsong"?

Amanda is from the loblolly and shortleaf pine forests of Arkansas, and Brandon is from densely wooded Virginia. We're most at home on a hike in the mountains with binoculars for bird watching, and Colorado continuously rewards the ornithology enthusiast in both of us (herons and snowy egrets in suburban marsh ponds! Kingfishers over creeks! Steller's jays in the high country! Red-tailed hawks on telephone poles! We love them all). We wanted our name to be an extended reflection of what we love about the world: the natural environment, birdsong, tall trees, and long conversations with friends and family over hot cups of coffee (or the occasional late night writing session or movie marathon over cups of coffee - all of these make us happy).

Why a bird logo?

The lark is the Colorado state bird, and our lark is clutching a coffee tree branch dappled with coffee cherries. Our lark and coffee branch logo was hand-stippled by Arkansas artist Amelia Whitaker

What do y'all know about coffee?

Amanda worked her way through college as a barista (and a gelato maker, and a youth sports program fundraiser, and a University of Arkansas recreation center manager...), and Brandon became a coffee nerd the day he pulled Amanda's french press out of a moving box. After perfecting french press brewing, Brandon ventured into Chemex, then pour over... and every brew method he could try before graduating to home roasting. Brandon attended the Boulder-based Ozo Coffee's Small Coffee Association of America's accredited roasting school in March 2017 to hone his skills so we can bring you the best coffee beans this side of the Rockies (actually, we know that's a tough title to claim because Colorado is home to some of the best roasters in the country - but our beans make an excellent cup, and the closer you are to your roaster, the better your cup of coffee will taste, so we'll take the crown of "stellar beans that are quite possibly the best near you!").

Do you Support Local Charities?

Yes! Amanda is a grant writer by day, and both Amanda and Brandon are eager to find more ways to give back to our community. To start out, we'd like to offer product donations for event fundraisers (door prizes, auction items, etc.). Please contact us if you're interested in a charitable donation for your non-profit event.